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COVID-19 Compliance Measures 

Updated 5/23/20

Green Bluff Tasting Room COVID-19 Compliance Measures:


Essential Services: Providing pre-packaged non-perishable beverage and wellness products.


Staff & Customer Protection: Staff & customers will be protected from exposure by the following measures:


Physical Distancing Protocols

  1. All tables will be 6’ distanced between groups of 5 or less. 

  2. Markings are made on the floor 3’ in front of bar to encourage distancing from staff during ordering and checkout.

  3. Signs are posted for physical distancing protocol reminders.


Infection Prevention Measures

  1. Hand Sanitizer will be placed at the bar and inside entry door. 

  2. Staff & customers have adequate hand washing sinks.

  3. Pre-order sales online for pickup will be encouraged.

  4. Staff will be required to wear a mask (gloves available if staff prefers.

  5. Staff will have disinfectant wipes on hand for sanitizing point of sale surfaces, and will utilize a bleach solution for wiping down surfaces after each party. 

  6. Chalkboard and single use menus will be utilized. 


Operational Measures

  1. Average customer flow allows for easy accommodation of distancing considerations.

  2. There will be no pre-set tables, customers will be asked to refrain from moving tables.

  3. COVID19 measures are posted on the website.

  4. Hours will be adjusted to accommodate flows as needed.


Cleaning & Sanitization Guidelines

  1. Surfaces will be disinfected in between customer groups, roughly every 30 minutes.

  2. Single use cups will be used for flights & glass pours. Tasting paddles will be sanitized with bleach solution between uses.


Organizational & Administrative Measures

  1. Workers have been briefed on all measures prior to work.

  2. Availability of sanitizing gel, wipes, & disinfectant will be ensured.


Personnel Illness Management Guidelines

1. Staff will be asked to stay home if they are ill or having any symptoms.

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