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COVID-19 Compliance Measures 

Updated 5/23/20

Farmers Market & Pop Up COVID-19 Compliance Measures:


Essential Services: Providing pre-packaged non-perishable beverage and wellness products.



Staff & Customer Protection: Staff will be required to wear gloves and mask, and will have disinfectant wipes on hand for sanitizing point of sale surfaces. Staff will be protected from exposure by reducing the following points of contact: 


    1. Customers will not be permitted to touch/handle product. Staff will     bag product for customers. 


    2. Hand sanitizer will be placed at the vendor table. 


    3. A 42” stanchion will be placed 3 feet in front of the vendor table to     encourage 6’ social distancing.


    4. Pre-order sales online for pickup will be encouraged for farmers     



    5. No sampling will be conducted at vendor booth. 

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