Matricaria Chamomile Mead 750ML

Matricaria Chamomile Mead 750ML


Matricaria Chamomile Mead (off-dry) Awards: Bronze Medal, Northwest Wine Summit, 2016. (Matt-rih-car-ee-ah) is a latin Genus of Old World flowering plants in the Asteraceae family. Matricaria recutita, or Chamomile, is the single herbal addition to this Metheglin. Nose reveals a distinctly amplified honey presence, with apple and hints of cinnamon and vanilla. The body is smooth with bittersweet floral taste, and crisp, clean finish. Matricaria is a complex concoction for the contemporary palate. Two extraction methods offer enjoyers of this metheglin to experience a comprehensive taste profile, and a full appreciation for chamomile's tannic, bitter, and soft notes in palatable sequence.

Pairing suggestions: Enjoy with anything containing cinnamon or mulling spices. Carmelized pecans, almonds, or green salad with cranberries and pecans. Pulled pork, pasta salads, dishes with Apples or Pears such as apple pie, baked apples, fresh apples with Chèvre, or pear salad. Pairs beautifully with flan or cheesecake at dessert, or even a stand alone evening glass.

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