Nasya Oil 1oz

Nasya Oil 1oz


Nasya oil - Nasal Oil

Nasya oil is an Ayurvedic Nasal oil which has been used to promote mental clarity, alertness, & clear sinuses while preventing airborne illnesses by protecting the mucous membranes & supporting the body's non-specific immunity. 

Ingredients: Sesame oil, Jojoba oil, Eucalyptus, Jatamansi, Rosemary, Cajeput, Cedar & Tulsi essential oils. 

Directions: Tilt head back slightly, & place 3-5 drops in each nostril. Sniff gently. 

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. We recommend you consult a practitioner before use. Do not use if you currently have a sinus infection. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to cure or treat any disease.