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A Two-Part Course with Ashli Peridot

Join us for an Exploration in Empowerment as Tarot Reader & Mead Maiden, Ashli Peridot guides us through the art of Tarot. 

Enjoy a glass of mead, and learn Tarot/Divination as a system to move toward enlightenment and empowerment. Ashli will cover the nature of the Tarot deck and the art of practice, while providing opportunity for discussion and practice. 

Two Dates:

Friday June 10, 6-8PM & Friday June 17, 6-8PM

Cost: $55 (both classes)

One class $30

Pre Registration required.


Location: Hierophant Meadery Green Bluff 16602 N Day Mt Spokane Rd Mead WA 99021


Course Outline

Journey One (2 hours): The Majors
June 10, 6-8PM
-Discussing the 22 major tarot cards with key words, and the tarot system as a journey through archetypes and stages of growth/deeper understanding. 
-Tarot/divination as a system to move towards enlightenment and empowerment of self through greater insight (dispelling the fortune telling myth). 
-The expansion and contraction of each tarot card, the natural give and take of finding balance. The three major stories, and an explanation of each card with some key words to remember and symbols to consider. 
-Second group of cards, Strength-Temperance 
-Third group of cards, Devil-World 
-Practice: 3-card spread using majors.

Journey Two (2 hours): The Minors
June 17, 6-8PM
-Discuss basic numerology of 1-10, basics of each suit/element, and key words for each minor. Also bring spares from first session for anyone new that wants to catch up on the majors later. 
-Review tarot system, explain difference between majors and minors (and why you can do a reading with either independently, or both combined as is more common). 
*fun fact!* The standard deck of playing cards is all the minors of tarot and can be used to for divination. 
-Numerology 101, the basic key words and significance of 1-10 in tarot. 
-Elements/Suits 101, an explanation of the four elements and how they correspond with the four suits in tarot (or a deck of playing cards).
-Tying it all together, and overview of how the numbers and elements combined make it easier to read cards than trying to memorize each card independently. Also, symbols to look for in cards and how cards interact with one another. 
Conversation and a group practice spread using just minors, and using a full tarot deck.