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ELDERBERRY SYRUP: Cold & Flu Seasonal Ally from our Apothecary to you.

Cold and Flu's here.

We typically start getting an influx of order after Halloween. This year, we can't seem to make enough Elderberry Syrup before it all flies off the shelf!

It really, really works!! For cold and Flu! Elderberry is tested effective against 8 strains of the influenza virus. The flu shot covers 1-3 strains.

$20.00 per 12oz bottle (30 doses) + shipping or pick up at tasting room. Ships nationwide. Take 1/2 tablespoon every day to prevent cold and flu, or more frequent doses if you are sick or getting there. Each bottle is 32 adult doses. Safe for children over 1 year (contains honey)! Stay Healthy and let me know if I can ship some to you. Email me at

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