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Hierophant @ Mushrooms & the Mycology of Consciousness with Paul Stamets & Louie Schwartzber

Attending the Paul Stamets & Louie Schwartzberg event last night was the most inspiring and moving experience I have had in quite some time. I was moved to tears several times both by the presentation, as well as the palpable energy in the theater from hundreds of kindreds. My mind was blown to see the hard data presented by Paul Stamets. We made wonderful contacts with Fungi Perfecti/host defense, WSU Honey & Pollination Center, and Paul got really excited when we told him we received federal approval for the use of Red Belted Polypore and Ganoderma mushrooms in one of our meads. He pointed to his assistant and said, "Here, treat these people with utmost importance!"

We hope to work with Host Defense & Paul to source for our meads so we can get creative with extraction methods to further his work to relieve the stigma that mycelia bares, open the minds of humans to the wonder and other-worldly nature of mycelia, and give it a household name. We also hope to work with him and the WSU Entomology Department to support honey producers who use their high p-coumarin containing mycelium products which have shown off-the-charts effectiveness against the varroa mite and other viruses, as well as DOUBLING their lifespan which has been cut in half in recent years. I learned so much more about what is causing the bees to collapse. It is clear that bees are a species who evolved in the presence of biodiverse polycultures with trees, animals, and mycelia at the axis of that world which they evolved in. The very definition of what defines sustainable honey is ever-evolving.

Lastly, we hope to gain the respect of the Head of Enology & Viticulture at WSU. In doing so we can influence the sustainable honey economy & increase the number of commercial meaderies by lobbying for mead making courses in the viticulture program similar to UC Davis.

Louie Scwartzberg has an incredible biography which brought him to be an advocate of pollinators. Contributing works are his Disneynature features with breathtaking time lapse film. He described in his presentation the relationship between flowers and pollinators being one of seduction and beauty. We are hard wired to be attracted to the natural world. My hope is that our business will be a wild flower which seduces the hearts of people of all walks of life as a means of bringing them in to the very important messages we are receiving from the bees and our planet at large. One great message is that our immune systems are not different from theirs. In saving and preserving bees, we will also endure.

I will also add, that as a result of this event and the generous sponsors, $16,425 was raised for the WSU Honey & Pollination Center.




Paul is the founder and President of Fungi Perfecti, a company dedicated to cultivating the benefits of mushrooms. He is a renowned mycology expert, TED speaker, and developer of groundbreaking mushroom technologies.


Louie is an award-winning cinematographer and time-lapse technology legend. His films have enthralled National Geographic and DisneyNature audiences with stories about the interconnectedness of nature and humanity.

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